Sunday, November 8, 2009

The boys last week at home and weekend away...

Hope everybody has had a wonderful, fall weekend! We are actually under a Hurricane watch here in NW FL. Imagine that. A hurricane in November. Say a prayer that Hurricane Ida dissipates does not destroy any lands/homes/businesses/ or lives.

Last week started off with a visit from my Aunt Marge and her husband Mike from Pennsylvania! There is a LONG story that goes along with our little get-together, but lets just say that we had A LOT of catching up to do! It has been 21 years since we last saw each other, so it was extremely wonderful to get everybody together. They took us out to Old Bay Steamer on Tuesday night (Thank you - it was wonderful!!), where we discovered that the boys aren't as good as they used to be at a restaurant...and then we had them over for dinner on Wednesday night, with Grammie, Nana and Gator: Nana, Aunt Marge and the B:

While we were catching up, the boys got into the Tupperware cabinet:
Grammie came over early Wednesday morning to watch B and W all day long, so that we could both put in a full day of work. Thank you so much Grammie! She spent the night and the next day, we decided to drive over and surprise Pop's at the office!
Pop's showed them the ducks that hang out at their office complex:
And managed to get in some snuggle time...
And catch up on some accounting...
And even sing a song or two...
Here are cutie pie pics of the boys and their sunglasses! They love to wear them around the house, and you can tell they think they are "big stuff" with them on!

Before we left Panama City Beach on Thursday, Grammie and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and took them to Pier Park to ride the train and do a little shoppin'!
They LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the train:

Could it have been any prettier outside?

OK. I told Grammie that she had 1 very simple rule this weekend. To take pictures. They have an awesome camera, and they never take pics. So I demanded. And they obliged :)
I can pics from one of their weekends with Grammie and Pop's! (Todd and I went to Apalachicola, FL for the seafood festival with our Bowlegs Krewe. Thank you SO MUCH Pop's and Grammie for watching Brody and Wade...they had a blast and so did we!)

They took the munchkins to K-mart to buy new umbrella strollers, because we accidentally forgot to pack ours...and then to a local senior fair, where HISC had a booth set up. Grammie could not get the the camera out in time, but we have been told that Wade boogied it down with the belly dancers!!
One of the boys favorite places to be at Grammie and Pop's house is in the hallway, looking up at the salt water aquarium:
Check out this picture of Brody covering Wade with the toy box. Priceless.
Here they are wrestling with each other. They do this all of the time now-a-days, giggling the entire time!
Brody hamming it up for the camera:
And Wade showing just how strong he is!
This is what they were doing when we pulled in to pick them up! Their house in a gated community, with barely any traffic, so it is a perfect place to wear out the boys!
Wade and Brody start school tomorrow! I know it is not "real school" just yet, but I consider it school, as it is not babysitting in any way. They have a daily routine, will learn to follow directions, interact with others, work in a group, do arts and crafts and how to relate to other grownups. I think it will be interesting to hear about how they do eating breakfast and lunch at a table, instead of a highchair...with a plate and utensils. Oh boy. I just think about how my kids will look at all of the other kids food and think they hit the mother load. They will be able to reach across the table and grab their friends food. Oh boy again. And then there is nap time. I have their little mats all ready to go, with their newly made, fleece covers and soft blankies, but I am having a very hard time, picturing them actually laying down on them, let alone falling asleep. Their friend Campbell attends the same school, and her Mom keeps assuring me that they will adjust and learn to eat at a table and fall asleep on a mat. She even told me that if I leave a camera for them, that they will take pics of their first day! I will update the blog this week with pics from their first day...I am already tearing up thinking about it.
Good night!