Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Our weekend started off with a Halloween Party at the boys new pre-school! They have an annual Halloween party for all of the parents, where they dress up all of the kids in their costumes and introduce them, one by one, to the parents and grandparents! It was fun meeting the boys new teachers, Miss Megan and Miss Sara, and the other parents and kids in their class! Brody and Wade were excited and curious about the school, people and new toys. Brody swiped a chip off of a kids plate and Wade stuck his whole hand in the hummus...guess they feel right at home! Here are the only 2 pics I was able to capture...more to follow next week, when they actually start:

The boys spent pretty much the whole weekend with Nana and Gator. We had to set up for a Halloween party during the day on Saturday, went back to Nan's house to Trick or Treat and then we went off to an adult costume party! It was a great weekend and thank you so very much Nana and Gator for watching the boys! They had a blast!
Here are a couple of pics of Wade's most recent "injuries". If you look at his lip, you can see that he busted it the night before on one of his trucks:

Here is a pic showing his driveway spill, bonk into the freezer door and bonk into the kitchen cabinet! Poor thing...thank God he is a tough one:Here is a sweet pic of Brody, bruise and scratch free!
While at Nana's this weekend, she introduced to them a corn dog for the first time...THEY LOVED IT!

And finally, pics from Halloween night and trick or treating:
Wade, our little pumpkin:
Brody, our little pumpkin:
They LOVED their costumes! is a pic of their Daddy. He was Billy Mays, the pitchman...looks pretty real, huh? Wade didn't seem to mind, while B-man was pretty hesitant of Daddy's new look...
Our perfect little pair of pumpkins!
In their rides, for trick or Treating:

A family portrait, Halloween 2009. I refuse to write what my costume is on their blog, but if you can figure it out, I can bet you will chuckle! I actually won the contest for the "best costume" at our Halloween party!