Monday, June 1, 2009

First Ear infection

Poor Wade woke up Friday morning with a very high fever, very lethargic and would not let us put him down. I got him in to the Dr. right away and found out he had an ear infection! It broke my heart....because when they told us 2 months ago that he had tonsillitis, he was Asymptomatic, so this is truly our very first sickness in our house...pretty darn good, huh? Needless to say, our weekend was very low key and we spent lots of time relaxing, eating and once he felt better, playing in the new pool (Buckley and Miller ate their last one...imagine that)!

Meal times are becoming more and more fun, but at the same time, very challenging, as the boys are preferring different foods...

Brody eating puffs, bananas and peaches
Wade making sure he does not get a banana or a peach in his mouth....concentrating on the puffs VERY hard! He has got texture issues...I hosted a baby shower Sunday morning, so when Whitney and I pulled back into our driveway, Larry and Todd had quite the set up! Kids in the pool and on the swings....Such awesome and fun Dads!Finally...after 3 days of antibiotics, a smilin' Wade!! Brody, Campbell and Whitney The BSweet girl CampbellWade napping in the fresh air...Don't know if you can see, but we had "stadium seating" for the kiddos...Wade and Campbell are in the back row and B-man is up front! It is one way to keep them contained, for at least 10 minutes or so!! It was constantly down, up, out, in, sit....A tired Wade and the food stealer, aka Campbell. She loves to take care of the "babies". She likes to pat them on the head, and help them with their bottles and, steal their food, of course!

A couple pics of the boys that I just took 5 minutes ago...

Ya think he's having fun? Nahhhhh........

Tip it back baby boy!