Monday, June 15, 2009

Holy cow...we are 10 months old!!

Wade and Brody turned 10 months old this past Saturday! I honestly cannot believe how fast time has flown by, well, except for those first 3 months of no sleep..ha ha! We have little boys on our hands as the "babyness" is slowly fading away. It's a bittersweet feeling I guess. We spent this Saturday celebrating Reagen Reiker's 1st birthday and stayed the night at Nana's house!

Wade is into everything. EVERYTHING!!! He has perfected his crawling and is now scaling furniture, cabinets, people, animals, stairs, walls, etc... He is still our little professor and studies all of his toys and really watches your mouth when you talk or sing. When i read to him, he watches my mouth and occasionally looks back at the books. He is VERY clingy these days and wants nothing more than to be in my arms. He gives the best hugs on the planet and loves to be cuddled.

Brody is definitely very vocal! He still loves to squeal and scream and giggle...all of the time! You know when B-man is in the house. He has started waving bye bye and I think he said ball the other day. He started out as a very picky eater, but will now eat almost anything you give him. He loves all fruits and still thinks Popsicles are the best thing in the world. He has his own little army crawl, where he uses one leg to push and drags the other one for some reason...but he gets to where he is going in a hurry!
Look at all of his new teeth. They all came in at once!

We have been introducing lots of fresh fruits and I am going to introduce fresh veggies this week. Wade still won't eat the majority fresh fruits (texture issues), but some of Brody's favs are Mandarin oranges, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon and peaches, to name a few. They, of course, prefer homemade mac-n-cheese to the boxed stuff. Of course they do. Can't make it easy on their Mama and Dada...they want the good stuff!! We have also introduced chicken, bread, potatoes and try to give them tastes of what we are eating. Wade tends to like meat and B-man leans more towards the fruits. It changes monthly....They are drinking lots of water out of sippy cups, but prefer to play with them more than they drink out of them!

Their vocabulary consists of Da Da, Ma Ma, Ba Ba, Na Na, La La, and tons of giggles and screams. Brody has started pointing a lot and they still love to clap their hands. Wade is still obsessed with his ears and is always playing with them. They are also very intrigued by our teeth, trying to reach in our mouths and touch them. Wade always has his tongue hanging out and Brody is ALWAYS smiling. We are so very blessed and are so in love with our little munchkins....

Hanging at the office with Daddy...Fun at Nana's

Wade waving to B, well not really, but it looks like it!!I seeeee you!!