Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Toy Heaven

This past weekend was a VERY busy one, for both kiddos and parents! While Todd and I enjoyed all of the Billy Bowleg pirate "adult festivities", Brody and Wade spent Thursday - Sunday at Grammie and Pop's house! They went swimming, visited with the neighbors grand kids and pulled a fast one over on the grandparents...They decided that they were having such a good time, that they wanted to stay up until 10p each night (their normal bedtime is 7p!!) Wade is completely over his ear infection and life is finally back to normal at the Harrell house! I have no pictures of them from their weekend away...ahhemmm Grammie and Pop's....but here are some recent ones.

This is what toy heaven looks like

Our precious boys...

Wade checking himself out in the mirror and even licking it to make sure it is good and clean!

The Harrell boys, almost 10 months old!

And finally, this is what their Mommy and Daddy dressed up in while they stormed the city of Fort Walton Beach!! Arrgghh