Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend

The boys had a great time celebrating their very first Memorial Day! We played over at the Wesson's on Friday night, spent all day Saturday lounging around the house, Sunday we had a BBQ with all of the fixins' and spent time with friends and family and finally, spent Monday relaxing and napping.....Gotta love long weekends! A special thank you to all of our servicemen and women who gave their lives to let us enjoy the freedom and to let us all come together to honor those who gave their all!!!

Sooooo, the tooth that we thought was the "fang" tooth, was really Brody's second tooth. The one that touches the front tooth. He is getting 5 teeth in at once and it has not effected him in the slightest. Our kids are such troopers. Wade is standing and taking steps while holding on to furniture and Brody is perfecting his scoot. We have been introducing table foods, slowly but surely...Brody loves bananas, while Wade gags and nearly throws them up. They both love icing, mac n' cheese, chicken salad and cheese so far. I find Wade clapping his hands all of the time and Brody's face lights up whenever you sing to him, poor guy doesn't understand that Mommy is tone deaf... This age is so much fun!!

The B-Man

I LOVE the pool!!!!

Who loves ya??Look at those gorgeous bright blue eyes!Nothing better than a happy melts my heart! Check out the "waves" in the is craziness during bath time!Wade

Wade and his Daddy...standing proud!

Do we really have to sit here and eat? I want to play!!Can't tie me down Mama!!! I'm outta here.... I'm too sexy for my bouncy...too sexy for my bouncy ................I love my Grammie and Pops!Cousin Caden came to visit too! (So did Aunt Allie, Uncle Scott, Nana and Gator). The Harrell's make some beautiful babies...
Check out Caden...STANDING ALL ON HIS OWN!!!