Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grammie and Mimi come to town!

Mimi is up visiting from Palm Harbor. She came up for Caden's 1st birthday party, to celebrate Debbie's birthday and to come and see us and the boys! Soooo...Debbie and Mimi drove over on Tuesday and just left this morning! We all had a blast and they thoroughly enjoyed bonding with the boys. Grammie taught them to clap their hands and play patty-cake! Brody gets this huge grin the entire time he his clapping and is so proud of himself. Wade is full on crawling everywhere and is appearing around furniture and corners...and has started pulling up on everything around him. He even has started "walking and taking real steps" while you hold his little hands. He is a mover. Oh boy is all I can say about that.

Mimi and Debbie not only watched the boys the entire day on Wednesday, but they did all of our laundry, ironed, vacuumed, stocked our frig, stocked the babies shelf, bought 2 cans of formula, diapers, bottle liners, laundry detergent...........wasn't that sooo sweet???? It brought tears to my eyes, as I am so grateful for the kindness!

Here are cute pics from Mimi and Grammie's visit:
And look....Wade just appeared!Grammie and her boysMimi and her boys!
Wade getting ready to pull up. He is quick! 4 generations! Mimi 82/ Grammie 62/ Daddy 36/ Brody and Wade 8 months old

Sooooo, Brody did not want to go to sleep last night. At all. I think he knew that Grammie and Mimi were here and he didn't want to miss anything! After 2 hours of cuddling and rocking and playing, Grammie finally brought him into bed with her and Mimi around 9:30 (he is always asleep NO LATER than 7:30...who knows what he was thinking!!) and they patted him and gave him another bottle and he finally went down. Gotta love Grandmothers!

Summer is officially here. We went over to the Laird's house on Sunday for a good old Crawfish boil. Yes, we were very classy...had the lawn chairs and coolers and trucks playing music, all out in the front yard! Everybody had a blast, including Brody and Wade.

We set up a couple of blankets in the grass and all of the babies played...and Lynnette took pics!

B-man was enjoying all of the activity so much that he exhausted himself and took a nap on my chest. I will have to say that there is no better feeling than your child asleep in your arms. Very comforting!

As are the pics from Labeth's camera, that I NEVER thought I would see!! These were taken at Easter when the boys received their Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny in Panama City Beach (Grammie and Pop's)! He even left them a giraffe pool for outside!