Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend at home

We were supposed to go visit friends and family in Tallahassee and attend Erin Gardner's baby shower and Drew Smith's farm party, but everybody was sick! Poor Cole Garber had a nasty virus and Caden is still fighting off sickness...So, we decided to stay at home to make sure we did not catch any of the viruses circulating around Tallahassee! We spent Saturday playing outside in the 70 degree sunny weather and Sunday lounging around, staying in our jammies all day long! It was a wonderful weekend and it made me realize how much I miss being at home during the week with my beautiful boys... :(

Outside fun:
B-man looking very serious...he was concentrating on his toys and was annoyed at Mommy taking pics...
Wade loving the sunshine! We played outside for such a long time. Brody even took a little nap while Wade played.
Playing around with big boy hats...
Yeehaww...I can stay in this Jumperoo for 8 seconds baby!!
More fun eating pics:Lately, they are more interested in each others bibs than the actual eating part. Oh well...I am able to shove a bite in here and there!