Thursday, February 12, 2009

My little loves...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear Brody and Wade,

Tomorrow, you boys will turn 6 months old! I can hardly believe it, but you guys are half a year old! You both are nestled soundly in your cribs right now....Wade, with a paci in hand and Brody with your hiney up in the air...

You both are healthy and strong and happy. You guys sit up by yourselves for short periods of time and there is constant rolling over from back onto tummies, and lots of pushing up onto your little hands and knees. You both do little stomach crunches when you are lying on your backs -and you guys are straining to sit up to see what's going on. Talk about grabbing at everything - nothing that is within two feet of you two, that isn't nailed down, is no longer safe - and everything that you successfully grab goes directly into those mouths. You guys still have no teeth and Wade, still no hair! Bath time is still the best part of the day and you guys are craving attention and figuring out ways to get it :)

The laughs and squeals and silly noises now fill our once quiet home. You both are trying out new noises all the time now...lots of Mmmmms, Ddddddssss and Bbbbbbssssss. Wade, you always have a hand or fist or foot in your mouth and Brody, you love blowing spit bubbles. Curiosity seems to take over the majority of the day and frustration shows up whenever toys are taken away or dropped or you guys cannot reach something. Your little personalities are really starting to shine through!

I told you boys this the other day, but I should tell you again now, because I know you guys won't remember what I said (and you both don't understand the words yet anyway): I love you sweet peas more than anything in this world. I will always love you both. Your smiles will always make me happy. I promise.

Love, Mom

PS. You guys are already eating us out of house and home! Look what you polished off tonight for dinner...2 banana tubs and 2 squash tubs, plus 6 ounces of formula before bed!
My sweet Wade My sweet BrodyTheir feet are their newest obsession...I have to make sure to wash those little tootsies squeaky clean, because the feet go directly into the mouth...all of the time.


Cole Chandler said...

What a sweet letter. Your little boys are obviously so loved. Why do you make me tear up so early in the morning?

Love you and see you tomorrow.