Sunday, February 22, 2009

We drove over to Tallahassee yesterday...again...for cousin/nephew Caden's baptism! The service was wonderful and after he was baptised, the Pastor carried Caden up and down the aisle while the congregation sang Jesus Loves Me. Grammie and Pop's drove over for the baptism and Allie's Mom Andie, sister Jennifer and Caden's cousin Kaley drove up from South FL. We had a large group! Todd is Caden's Godfather...very special!

Scott, Todd, Caden, the Pastor, Jennifer and Allison
Caden's cake
Brody staring at his Pop's in aweWade, Grammie and Todd, waiting for the services to start
It was the first time that the boys have ever stayed in a hotel! Here is B-man with a ton of toys!The boys loved Caden's cool car walker!
Brody liked it so much he sucked on the steering wheel!Grammie and B-manUncle Scott and Wade
Caden's 5 year old cousin Kaley was "sweetly obsessed" with all of the babies. She wanted to feed them, change them, hold them, bathe them, etc...she actually was a huge help! I asked her is she wanted to come home with me and she said, "Only until Tuesday and then your husband can bring me home"!! Little does she know that she lives 7 hours away...hehe
We ate brunch together and then the girls and ALL of the kids headed out to see Extreme Makeover Home Edition (we picked up Elizabeth on the way)! The show was in Tallahassee this weekend, so we packed up the strollers and the diaper bags and all of the kids, and rode the shuttle to see all of the commotion! Pretty neat how all of the different construction companies are working together for this one cause, pro bono at that! We were not able to see Ty, but Paige showed up to interview a local family...Here are some pics that Elizabeth took!