Sunday, February 8, 2009


I packed up the suburban and headed to Tallahassee with Wade and Brody to visit our other twin friends, Thomas and Gracie...and their Mom Christie! We lived the life of "Quadruplets" for 24 hours and boy was it chaotic at times! Just going anywhere around town required two vehicles...and talk about the stares and the oohhs and aahhs of people when 2 sets of baby twins strolled past them! During our short visit, Elizabeth and Cole dropped over to say hello and Allie and Caden met us at Toys R' Us. We packed a lot in to our short visit!! Here are some pics from Friday and Saturday...

Our Sweet Quads...Wade, Gracie, Thomas and Brody

Wade was obsessed with Gracie's head! Big Boy Cole! Elizabeth, Carly, Cole, Brody and Wade Elizabeth and the boys! Cousin Caden...he just woke up The boys hanging out in Gracie and Thomas' bumbos Wade hammin' it up... B-man in Thomas' John Deere cowboy boots!! ooopps! I fell over!!Wade in Thomas' cool boots!