Tuesday, November 13, 2012

JDH at 17 months old!

Jack Jack...you are our firecracker. Our pistol. Our little tornado. And you already know how to work it.

A little bit about the dude at 17 months old: He can repeat everything you ask him to say and loves to sing and dance. We are always practicing our words and sounds, asking Jack to repeat our words, and 90% of time, he belts it out. He runs so fast, can climb up, on and over anything, is swift, has incredible balance and his stubbornness perseverance is quite the admirable trait...hope he never loses that!! He loves his brothers something fierce and still thinks he is 4 years old.

He knows how to make animal sounds for a cow, cat, dog, elephant, lion, owl, monkey, horse, bird, sheep, pig, etc...animals are our latest obsession...

He can show us the following body parts: head, hair, teeth, mouth, tongue, knees, belly, belly button, arm, hand, elbow, foot, toes, "pee-pee", hiney...he is growing up so fast!

Jack loves apples, pastas, potatoes, yogurt, applesauce, squeeze pouches, grits, eggs, pancakes, ALL meats (especially fish and steak), cheese, and anything he can feed himself. He does not want to be fed anymore. The kid will actually eat anything.

He asks for snacks "snahs" all of the time, as well as water...and heads straight over to his booster seat and starts climbing up. The minute we walk into Publix, he starts pointing at the bakery, almost screaming "SNAHS!!!" His big brothers taught him early about the free cookies.

He still loves playing outside, helping to put on shoes and socks, as well as take off his clothing and diaper. He feeds himself with a spoon and fork, is getting better at drinking out of a cup and he love taking bites of our food. Jack HATES getting his teeth brushed...screams the whole time, until it is his turn! He loves to test his boundaries and smirks when he knows he has done something he is not supposed to do. He will hit when he is frustrated and when he sees that an adult caught him, he will immediately gently touch the person he just hit, and say in the sweetest voice..."Niiicceeee"... Little stinker...He loves to swipe the boys toys, especially Wade's, hates to share and loves to proclaim and announce that everything is "Mine"! When B-man or Wade gets in trouble, he runs after them, pointing and shaking his little finger at them, screaming their name! It is actually pretty hilarious!

He is pretending a lot more, for instance, feeding himself with a shovel and a bucket, as though it were a spoon and bowl. He can throw a ball pretty well, which makes his Dada so proud, he can hardly contain his grin. He loves to open and close doors, turn lights on and off and can follow directions very well!!! He is still a great sleeper, has all of his baby teeth, extremely shy around strangers (and all men, for some reason...Brody went through a phase like this as well...), and has the curliest hair you have ever seen!

Thank you for adding zest to our family, making all of us continually smile and for keeping us on our toes Jack Jack! We love you to the moon and back...

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