Monday, April 4, 2011

Conversations with 2 year olds:

A few "Brody-isms" and "Wade-isms":

Wade: "I'm a pretty boy!"...while sitting at the dinner table...
Mom: "Who told you that?"
Wade: "Me!!"

Brody: "Hey Mama...guess what?"...while driving home from school...
Mom" "What?"
Brody: "I have a present for you. It's a secret and you get to unwrap it. But you have to be quiet. And not stand on the couch with your shoes on. And chase lizards but be very, very quiet and not get out of your big boy bed. And do not take your shoes off in the new van cause' they are filled with sand."
Mom: "Oh yeah? Are those the rules?"
Brody: "Uhh huh"
Mom: "Yes M'am??"
Brody: "Yes M'am."

Wade: "Why are we going to school?"
Mom: "Because it is Monday."
Wade: "Whhyyy?"
Mom: "Because it is the first day of the week."
Wade: "Whhyyy?"
Mom: "Because Monday comes after Sunday."
Wade: "Whhyyy?"
Mom: "Because it is. That's why."
Wade: "Ohhhh. Okaay. Whhyyy?"

Brody: "You know I want to make you happy. I love you."
Mom: "Oh BB, you are my sweet pea and always make me happy! I love you to you pieces!"
Brody: "Except when I'm not your friend and I hit Wade, right?"

Wade: "Are we going to Grandmother's right now?"
Mom: "Nope...we are going to the grocery store."
Wade: "Are we going to Big Deal's house?"
Mom: " Publix."
Wade: "Whhyyy?"
Mom: "Because we need a few things."
Wade: "I get a cookie?"
Mom: "If you say please and thank you!"
Wade: "If I say please and thank you to big Deal?"
Mom: "No, to the bakery lady. At Publix, ok?"
Wade: "Ok. I'm a pretty boy."
Oh Lord.

Wade was still asleep this morning when I heard Brody on the monitor. I went up to get him and whispered that we needed to be very quiet so that we did not wake Wade up...
Brody: "Why, is he still sleepin'?"
Mom: "Yes, you wanna see?" we are peeking back in the bedroom door: "Oh, he's still sleepin'."
So we take a few steps, he runs back to the half closed door, opens it up all the way, and yells:


Monica A. Heimes said...
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Monica A. Heimes said...

I love their language!!! hahah!


Unica: "Man B you have MAN POP"

Brody: "No unica I am Brody Lee.."

Unica: "I know.. but you have stinky poop"

Brody: "Don't confuse my words Unica.. I am Brody Lee.. not Man Poop"