Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am in love already!

Oh sweet baby already have my heart. Nana and I watched you squiggle and squirm against the pressure of the ultrasound transducer on my belly yesterday! You are already a whooping 3 pounds and 6 ounces...and we still have 9 weeks left to grow!  Your little head is measuring 3 weeks ahead, just like your big brother Brody...thank God for a scheduled c-section...hehehe.  All 4 chambers of your heart appear to be working perfectly, as well as the vessels and arteries that pump blood to and from your little heart.  We saw all of your toes and fingers and you were actively kicking the entire time, as well as practicing sucking.  Hurry up and get here already!! You cannot really tell from these pics...but your profile mirrors your other big brother Wade's at this same gestational time period!

2 of the ultrasound pics from yesterday: