Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Parent Teacher Conference!

B-man's teacher, Miss Jamie, held parent-teacher conference's all last week...kind of an insight to how your child is progressing, developing, interacting, etc...

We met Miss Jamie and Miss Cristy at the public library and learned all about how our boy "operates" at school!

In a nut shell, he is able to:
  • problem solve and complete whole thoughts
  • knows all colors, shapes and the difference between small and large
  • complete sequencing (repeat exact order of numbers or words)
  • run, jump, climb and balance, as well as ride a bike which is at a 4-5 year old physical level!
  • draw vertical/horizontal lines, lace beads and cut with scissors
  • follow gestures, tell you who he is and tries to socially interact
Some things they are challenging him with are:
  • Instead of playing by himself, learning to socialize and express his feelings to his classmates and teacher in an appropriate manner.  He has always relied on Wade to be his friend.  They gravitate towards each other, so it is challenging for Brody to play one on one with another child.  Partly age, partly his personality and partly from being a twin.  For instance, if you were to watch B...he will play at a center on his own, being the onlooker.  Miss Jamie is trying to get him to use his words and feelings to encourage this behavior.  "Can I play with you?"  or "Can I play with that toy?"
I am so thankful for the boys' school...they continue to praise our children, help them grow, challenge them, reward them, un-cover them, encourage them, all the while, promoting early literacy and learning through play!! 

(I will not post the name of the school on this here blog...but most of you know where they attend, and if you do not and are interested, just let me know! :)