Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekend with the Daddy Man...

Last weekend, the boys relished in time with their Daddy.  Todd has been "on the road" an awful lot lately, causing him to leave before they wake up in the mornings, coming home after dinner or even spending the night away...
They just do not like it when our whole family is apart! Now, don't get me wrong...99% of the time, Todd is able to spend every morning, evening and weekend by their side, it has just been recently that work has pulled him in other directions. Not complaining, well, maybe just a little bit, but we all love us some Daddy time!!

Playing at the park:

And, yes, we are fully aware that poor Wade's haircut needs immediate assistance. The poor guy has had HORRIBLE haircuts for the past 8 months, because he hates it, cries the whole time and jerks his head around. We are in the "growing out" process. Do not say a word. Please.

Wearing our hats to look like Daddy...seriously, are they not mini-Todd's??

We even went over to the Hipsh's to watch a little Nascar. Well, the guys watched, the women chased the kids and we had a wonderful time together...


The boys' soaked for over 30 minutes that night. Every inch of their little bodies was covered in dirt and filth. All boy I tell ya. Got the bruised up knees to prove it!

This post just would not complete without a few snippets of conversation and a discussion of Mr. Bear.

As we are driving to Target earlier this week, Brody yells from the backseat to the car in front of me, "Go Dummy!" My heart skipped a beat...I asked my little "angel" what he just said, he repeated it loud and clear...then Wade started chanting the same phrase...both of them giggling between turns of shouting "Go Dummy!" I called Todd immediately, made him listen to what his son's have picked up while driving with him. He was silent and then we both started laughing. Gotta really watch what we say.

Wade looks up at me last night, while I was behind him on the steps heading up for bed, and says, "I love you Mommy. I make you happy and smile". I almost started crying. I grabbed him and told him that "yes, you always make me happy and smile and that I love you so very much...". he then planted a huge kiss on my smacker, then on my cheek, patted my shoulder and smiled. Oh, how I melted.

The B-man is still completely obsessed with Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear is his constant companion. We do not go anywhere without him. Todd does not like the fact that B has an item that he is so attached to, but I think it is sweet. He is not going to go off to college, bringing his bear out on dates with him. We would have a major problem at that point :) He spent an extra 5 minutes the other morning, when we pulled into the school parking lot, "giving his bear extra lovin' and makin' him feel safe Mama..."!!! I have recently begun the search for an identical Mr. Bear. Harder than you think...wish me luck, as Mr. Bear's head could fall off any day now. (Thank you Nicole for holding up Mr. Bear for me...)


Holly said...

Hi. I ran across your blog from the moms of multiples blog. Can I just say, your boys are just handsome as ever!

MAH said...

Oh my MR.Bear!!! :) Funny today he did mention how... like normal "UNICA My Mommy and Daddy pickin me up.. and then said .. with my bear in the car!" Gotta love them!:)