Thursday, February 17, 2011

To the moon and back.......

I am so excited to meet you little one! I have already started going through bins and bins of Brody and Wade's baby blankets and clothes and burp cloths and bibs...and it brings back a flood of emotions as I try to imagine your arrival. Jack, you are so wanted and already extremely loved. I love to feel you move and jab and dance around my belly. You are most active between 9a-noon and then again when I lay down for the night, although you tend to adjust all day long.  You have an eager family waiting for you and you will be treasured and celebrated and admired. You are not my first son, but the next...and our last. You are the next chapter in our growing family...and you are my little one. We love you to the moon and back!!
Here are pictures from the day your big brothers were born!


ali b. said...

seriously - the bigger the baby gets the skinnier you get! you look fabulous girl! can't wait for lydia and jack to meet - how funny is it that all of our kiddos will have birthdays within weeks of each other!