Friday, January 28, 2011

Pregnancy hormone induced post....

Life. Ain't it just incredibly grand? I find myself feeling pretty darn lucky these days...I have Todd, a wonderful, supportive husband, who not only makes me belly laugh but listens when I cry. I have Wade who holds my face in his hands, whispers 'I love you' and gives me a big fat kiss on my cheek. Just because. I have Brody who acts 5, takes charge of the household, all the while, stopping in for a long snuggle, telling me 'It's ok Mommy...It will be alright'...even when nothing in the world is wrong.

In fact it is good. Blissfully good.

And we all have Jack who will be joining our crazy family real soon. I know it is 4 months away...but we all know how fast 4 months zooms by. I cannot wait to hold the little nugget in my arms. There is something bittersweet, knowing that this one will be our last baby. The last one in diapers. The last one drinking from a bottle...the last one needing me to rock him to sleep. Will you look like your brothers Jack Jack???

Now on to real life stuff. The boys are obsessed with trains and train tracks. They will spend hours constructing and re-constructing the track until it is just so...Dora, Diego and Mickey are kind of on the outs this month and Toy Story 3 and Chuggington are fighting for the #1 spot. (These shows are referred to as Woody and Buzz and Choo Choo.) Currently, Wade's favorite food is talapia, while B's is spaghetti. Both love beans and rice and would eat rice krispie treats all day if we would let them.

It seems as though it is that time seperate the boys at school and transition them into their own classrooms. Brody has moved up into the three year old room (basically 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 year old room) and Wade will remain in the two year old room, joining B in April. The teachers feel that this will give Wade a chance to be the 'star' of his classroom...because, well, let me explain. Wade is our laid back child (less dominant) who would rather sit back and let someone else steal the limelight...Brody takes a more leadership role (more dominant)...uh...bossy role...and tends to make decisions for the both of them and even talk for both of them. This is just who they are. Brody is the leader and Wade is the giver. Plain as that. (And please do not get me wrong...I know I am labeling my children while I write this blog, but I will try my hardest to not place labels on them in "real" life...I will celebrate the difference between them, continue to build their confidence to the best of my ability and give them the security of knowing that each one is valued as an individual!!) Brody will do well, being the 'small' fish in a 'bigger' pond, while Wade will be able to make decisions on his own, without the influence of the brother figure. Ms. Biz told me that Wade talks all of the time when Brody is not around. And Ms. Jamie, the 3 year old teacher, has said that Brody enjoys the more structured life of a 3 year old and has been doing a great job transitioning!! No matter what the sibling relationship may be, this 3 months apart will be great for learning and growing and learning to live without their twin by their side.

Darn pregnancy hormones induced the aforementioned. ha ha