Tuesday, July 3, 2012


My memory seems to become more and more foggy each minute.  I just cannot hang on to the little details like I used to, so why not type away, so that one day, I will be able to enjoy these little tidbits of our boys, like it were yesterday!

Wade...you totally got us.  Dooped us.  Not only Mom and Dad, but Nana, too.  The night before you were supposed to get your cast off, you started telling us that your leg hurt.  You began to limp and acted as if it hurt you to walk.  We chalked it up to playing to rough or to pulling a groin muscle.  The next morning, you continued with the limp and acted like you could not walk AT ALL.  Todd and I began discussing back and forth just what we were going to do, as all 3 of you boys were supposed to go to school, Todd and I to work and then we were going to pick you and Brody up early and head over to Nemour's for the big un-casting.  But here you were, not able to walk, wanting to be carried everywhere... So, we quickly called Nana...made arrangements for you to hang out with her until it was time for your appointment and dropped Jack and Brody off at school.  You continued with the leg pain and Nana even called me to make sure that I had given you Tylenol or Motrin, ya know, to ease the pain.  So I ran out, bought Motrin, went to Nana's, gave it to you and headed back to work.  You continued limping, into the hospital, up the elevator, onto the table in the casting room, etc...as soon as they removed your cast and put on your new one, you hopped off the table and skipped out of the room. Daddy and I looked at each other, asked you how your leg was feeling, and you answered, smiling, "It feels fine."  You then turned the other way and ran off to catch up with Brody. We never heard another complaint about the leg again.  Guess you just wanted extra attention, because you were afraid of the big cast removal.  Lesson learned...Do not tell you about upcoming cast appointments until we are on our way.  And hey, good acting Wade.

Jack:  On our first vacation, you managed to get injured almost every day.  You are definitely part of this family, as all of your injuries were to your face, head and lips.  Every injury that your big brothers sustained from birth until the broken elbow was always to the head/forehead (Wade) and the mouth/lips (Brody).  So you followed tradition the only way you know how, and managed to fall down the front porch steps, hitting your eye and cheek, tripped and fell into the stone fireplace, bruising your cheek and fell into a small wastebasket, right on your little mouth and gums and bled everywhere.  Darn near broke my heart...but you are tough, brushed all of the boo boo's away and went right along, chasing your big brothers.

Brody:  Oh BB.  You crack me up...all of the time.  Your facial expressions and gestures just have a way of making me chuckle.  So, while we were at the Aquarium, you and Wade saw a little boy with this little light up toy.  You pressed the button, and 4 different ropes lit up and spun around, with little colorful lights on the end.  You guys were so excited, when at the end of our day, we stopped in the gift shop and bought one for each of you.  You immediately shrieked with joy and kept the button pressed for the entire ride back to the mountains.  You drug it around with you everywhere...so proud and excited to have your new toy!  As the hours passed, your little toy kept missing parts, stopped spinning and eventually stopped lighting up at all.  As we were all sitting around the fire that night, Daddy and I were watching you out of the corner of our eyes, and you were sitting, with your head in your hands, pouting, because your little toy stopped working...and you were eyeing Wade's, because his toy looked brand new.  This is just par for the course for you B-man.  You play with things rough and tough, while Wade's toys generally stay in perfect condition.  I do not think I will ever forget your sweet little face and sad puppy eyes that night...Your face really tells the story of who you are.  If you are happy, your entire face lights up and erupts in a smile...and if you are sad or upset, man, it breaks my heart.  You are a sensitive little guy and I hope this never changes.  To witness the innocence of "the life of a toy" in your eyes really grounds me and makes me remember just how young and innocent you 3 boys are.

Thank you, to the 3 little guys, who help Daddy and I live a full, but simple life.