Monday, July 30, 2012

Easy Like Sunday Mornin'

Jack Jack used to be easy. Still is, I guess, but Lawdy, he keeps us on our toes! Todd and I have come to the conclusion that when B and W were his age, we were able to confine them to one area...set up barriers in the family room, or keep them in the playroom, or shut the kitchen get the point. But J?? He has free the whole house! Which means he has free reign to get into everything and anything. He is normally my shadow, but when I look down and notice he is not there...I find his in various rooms/situations throughout the house.

Bathroom...Dipping his play kitchen spoon and fork in toilet and the minute I come around the corner, he throws the spoon so fast and immediately dives into the toilet...

Kitchen...big brothers that leave the pantry door open...and little bit, literally runs straight toward the open/slightly cracked door. I find him rustling through the kids snacks and the minute he sees me, he starts grabbing anything and everything and throwing it on the ground/over his head...

Bedroom...sneaking into anyone's bedroom and literally emptying out the drawers before I even notice he is no longer my shadow...and when he sees me, grabbing as much as he can and throwing it on the ground/over his head...

Dog Crate...we prefer that he does not spend his free time in the dog crate...kinda goes without saying...but, on que, he darts toward it the minute we are not looking and scoots himself to the very back of the crate and giggles...

But................alas, he continues to woo me.

One little morning ritual that will eventually fade into him coming to me, instead of me coming to him...When I walk in to get him in the morning, he peeks his little sleepy eyes at me, gingerly hands me each and every item out of his crib, lifts his chubby hands to be picked up and places his warm head on my still my heart.

At 14 months, he prefers my lap to any toy and could spend hours playing "Where's Jack??" Just call me a sucker. This Mommy thing has me whipped and head over heels in love.


And how could you not be into everything when you are trying to keep up with these two??