Friday, November 11, 2011


Just a few things I wanted to write down so that I do not forget :)

1. Took you boys to the dollar store one evening to let you each pick out a toy. While we were there, I told you both you could pick out one toy a piece, and a present for Daddy. Well, the one toy per kid flew out the window, of course, and you both ended up with about 5 toys a piece...a duck whistle, a puzzle, army men, baseball cups, a cement truck with all of the accessories, motorcycles, to name a few...but the best part of the trip was when we went on a hunt for Daddy's present. You both took such pride in picking him out the perfect gift. We walked up and down each aisle, looking high and low...and this is what you ended up buying:
Brody, you bought Daddy a small yellow trash can. You exclaimed, loud enough for the whole store to hear you and giggle, "I am going to buy Daddy this trash can so he can put Miller and Buckley's poop in it!"...seriously, the things your little brain comes up with!
Wade, you first brought me a pack of superman gummy bears, telling me that Daddy would just love them. You were so excited...but then, we passed by the cleaning supplies, and you found a scrub brush...tossed the box of gummy bears aside, and said, "Wait Momma, this is what he REALLY wants!"

So, Daddy received a trash can and a scrub brush. And he was thrilled and beaming with pride as they presented him with their gifts...

2. It was just me and you boys at home one night. Jack was in his Jumperoo, I was cleaning up the dishes and you boys were just playing around in the family room. One of you had to go to the potty, so you both stopped what you were doing and headed into the bathroom. Yes, you boys even pee together...So, about 2 minutes later, I hear laughing. Not just giggling, but full on hilarious, laugh from your gut dying laughing. You guys then come out of the bathroom soaking wet from your shoulders to your fingertips. Not good. And, you guys are each holding these little wooden pumpkins that were in a basket on the back of the toilet.

Not good.

I immediately go into the bathroom and the toilet seat is soaked, as well as the floor...and I see pumpkins floating in the toilet.

Not good.

To make a long story short, and $500+ later, you boys managed to flush 2 of those pumpkins down the toilet...clogging it...indefinitely. After a visit from Mr. Rooter, discovering that the pumpkins were permanently lodged...we now have a 'purty' new toilet.