Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We have been saying "This is their first Thanksgiving, this is their first bite of food, this is their first time sleeping through the night, this is their first tooth"....etc.....and this was their first July 4th...and soon, in about 5 weeks, their will be not as many firsts, as our little baby boys will be 1 year old! I just cannot grasp the fact that they have been in our lives for almost 1 whole year!! Here is a quote from a new book I am reading that every single parent can relate to:

I have only known them for 1 year. But if you took every memory, every moment, if you stretched them end to end-they'd reach forever. -Sara "My Sister's Keeper"

We started off the holiday weekend at Helen Back with a lot of our friends and their kids. The boys had their first taste of pizza and they loved it! I took Brody to the Dr. on Thursday because his eyes were looking classy and crusty. He was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and was all better in 24 hours. We went ahead and treated Wade, considering they share everything!

Brody, Campbell and Wade (This is their first time sitting in booster chairs)

Todd and I went out on an "adults only boat day" on Friday and Brody and Wade stayed with Nana. They took their bath in the kiddie pool and explored every inch of her house. We picked them up in the morning and headed over to Pop's and Grammie's house for their annual 4th of July neighborhood block party celebration! They went swimming, people watched, tasted lots of new foods, took a bath in the sink, explored every inch of their house (too) and had a blast! Todd either caught a little stomach bug or ate something spoiled...poor Da Da spent the entire weekend sleeping....Scott, Allie and Caden didn't make it over either, because Scott was diagnosed with vertigo and wasn't feeling up to the trip! While they celebrated their 4th of July at home, Caden busted his lip, got a bloody nose and ended up at the ER with a busted eyebrow(they were able to glue it together and no stitches were needed!) as he is perfecting his new walking skills! So, it was a hectic weekend health wise for the Harrell family. It didn't stop us from having fun! Here are tons of pics...

It is sometimes really nice when they are not on the exact same schedule, because it allows us to have 1-on-1 time with either babe. This time, Brody went "nite-nite" a little early (because he decided to fore-go all naps on Saturday...)and we got to spoil Wade with tons of attention!! He loved it and enjoyed every minute of it!

Pool time baby!!!

Brody has perfected his "O" face and does it all of the time. He loves to greet people with the "O" face and loves it when people do it back!! It makes me laugh every single time...

I was changing Wade's diaper, and the little rascal decided to take off and run around naked before I could put a clean one back on! Check out the naked little fella...Playing and lounging in Grammie and Pop's family room

They love taking a sink bath at Pop's and Grammie's...