Monday, July 20, 2009

Facing forward and drinking milk!

Well, big things happened this weekend! I got thrown up on, Pop's got thrown up on, Brody got his first "shiner", the boys are facing forward in their car seats, we have started incorporating 2 ounces of whole milk to their formula (so that the transition to milk won't be such a shock to their little digestive systems when they turn 1!!) and we are trying to get them to drink all of their formula out of sippy cups during the daytime. Big changes people, big changes!
We are assuming that B-man's acid reflux is showing itself again. He has vomited quite a bit over the past couple of weeks, and it is always when he has a very full belly, and when we feed him acid based foods, such as lasagna or spaghetti. Well, that is what we are attributing it to at least. It always seems to happen after he lays down for bed at night...which is when my acid reflux acts up too, if I am too full. We are going to eliminate tomato based foods and see if this helps. He also either fell on a toy or Wade bonked him in the face with a toy Saturday morning and he has a little bruise and cut underneath his left eye! Poor guy!

Grammie and Pop's kept the boys Saturday night and we drove over to PCB Sunday morning to pick them up and to celebrate Todd and Scott's birthdays! Uncle Scott, Aunt Allie and cousin Caden drove over from Tallahassee and we enjoyed Grammie's meatloaf, mashed potatoes, stewed tomatoes and peas...and ice cream cake! Todd's birthday is tomorrow and Scott's is on Wednesday. Happy Birthday Daddy and Uncle Scott! Cousin Caden Wade was pulling up on Caden or trying to steal his toy the whole afternoon... Cousins!! Caden 14 months and B and W 11 months Todd getting some Caden lovin'The Birthday Boys! Happy 37th Birthday Daddy and Happy 32nd Birthday Uncle Scotty!

On the way home, we decided to turn the boys around in their car seats! They absolutely loved it and giggled for the longest time. Wade thought he was so cool and talked the whole way home!

And just a couple of random shots....cause I am so totally and madly in love with these two little boys....!!!