Sunday, March 8, 2009


We decided, spur of the moment on Friday morning, to head over to Tallahassee...AGAIN! As much as we travel there, we should have a second home! Not much new to post, so I will share my favorite pics of the boys and their friends from this weekend:

Wade and his killer grin, and brother Brody's finger in his ear...
Brody and his bright blue eyes

The boy's took turns riding on Cole's swing. As you can tell, they loved it! Look at Wade's 2 new teeth! B-man loving on Mommy The boys and cousin Caden

Cousin Caden

The Garber's had a party on Saturday for adults and kiddos to celebrate the warm weather...check out some of our friends!

Little Miss Bailey...4 days old!! I think she looks just like her Momma

Aunt Jin Jin, Bobby and Brody Big boy Cole Todd, Brian and the boys Natalie and all 3 boys Big boy Crew! Michele, Sydney and Brody Big boy Joshua!