Sunday, October 19, 2008

Smile are upon us!

We are starting to have SOOOOO much fun with the boys these days...they are smilin' up a storm(very, very hard to catch on camera...) and cooing and are becoming very aware of all of their surroundings! Uncle Dave and "Aunt" Brit Brit came in town this weekend to celebrate his 22nd birthday(Oct 23rd) with the family. Nana, Gator, Uncle Dave and "Aunt" Brit all babysat the boys on Saturday night while we went to a woodstock party. It was nice to get away for a bit, but I snuck out early from the party because I missed them so much.

Brody smiling up a storm at his hanging toys from his carseat...again, the camera took too late Wade being Wade Brody being Brody Most recent family pic Nana, Gator and the boys Out for a stroller ride around the neighborhood. We look like quite the family with our huge stroller and both dogs... Brody looking up at hanging toys again...he loves them!! Wade laying back and enjoying the ride Wade and a friend, Kristina
I caught Wade's smile!! Uncle Dave, Brit and the boys
Crazy Mommy and Daddy...gotta love those wigs!!