Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Being 7 weeks old

I promised to post pics from this past week...of their first visit to the harbor, first time meeting their Great MiMi - "GiGi", playing with Ashley, hanging out with Mom and Dad...We are going to Macclenney this weekend so the boys can meet another Great Grandmother and Uncle Andy and Aunt Marilyn. (The thought of everything I am going to have to pack for me and Todd, Brody and Wade and even Miller and Buck...oh boy!!)

GiGi and her friend Jane stopped in for a visit on their drive from Massachusetts back to Florida!! GiGi brought the boys cute little Halloween outfits and Jane brought the cutest was GREAT to see them!

Mommy and ALL of her boys (Well, except for Todd, but who did you expect to be taking the picture?)!

GiGi, Todd and the boys...Doesn't she look so proud to be holding 2 of her 3 brand new GREAT Grandsons?

One of Brody's first smiles caught on film...well, by the time the darn camera took the pic, it was a half smile.

Mommy and Wade cuddling.

Ashley came by for a visit from Tallahassee!

Brody LOVES the bouncy seat...well, for a couple mimnutes at a time! They both love to watch the waterfall and all of the animals moving across the activity bar. It is really amazing to see how much more alert they are! I think he loooks just like his Daddy in the picture...

First trip to the Harbor...they were both zonked out, but I promise they are in the stroller!

Wade begging, "Please take me out of my car seat Mommy, I am perfectly happy right here at home!"

Not quite in the mood for pictures, heh?

I told you Wade loves to be completely bundled up! Too precious

Wade is getting to be such a big boy...he has moved from Preemie clothes, to Newborn...and now, drumroll, he is in 0-3 months! Go Wade!

Daddy loves to take naps with both boys in our bed...

Brody in big boy clothes!!