Thursday, August 12, 2010

The W

Ever since his adenoidectomy, Wade has been acting a little off. Whining a lot more, tons and tons of dirty diapers and a general yucky feeling type of attitude. We attributed this to his "new world"...maybe he was reacting to all of the new sounds? Maybe he is frustrated because he cannot say every word perfectly yet? Too much time with his brother? Not enough time with Mommy and Daddy? A combo of everything? Well, we started to become concerned after 5 days of really weird poop, starting last Sunday. There. I said it. The poop has been VERY strange...strange enough that he has not been at school this entire week and his poor little bottom is red and raw and very painful. Here we have our VERY healthy child, only catching the routine cold or bug a couple of times since he has been born, and then bam...a surgery, the stomach bug, weird low grade fevers, a brief episode of turning blue(ended up being nothing...thank God) and now the diarrhea from hell. Poor monkey has had a rough month!

So, back to the poop...we brought him to the Pediatrician on Tuesday to see if there was anything we could do for his raw hiney. It was an unsuccessful visit, as we were sent away with samples of Desitin and told the acidity in the stool changes when toddlers are teething, causing it to burn the bottom...and that he was probably "cutting" his 2 year molars. Well, it is now Thursday and the diarrhea has continued to worsen...and believe me, you are very happy that I am eliminating the yucky details.... I knew they would not be able to do anything at the Pediatricians office, so up to the pediatric ER we went. And boy am I glad we did. Our friend Grady happens to be an ER Doc and was working today, and helped expedite the process a little bit. After some testing and xrays, the end result left us with blood in the stool, most likely caused by a small Upper GI bleed. Come to find out, one of the unlikely complications stemming from an adenoidectomy happens to be a small bleed. Grady is assuming this is what the problem is. We have an appt. with Dr. Boole tomorrow morning (which happens to also be his 2nd birthday!!) to figure out if there is indeed a small bleed, and if there is, hopefully cauterize the darn thing that has been causing us so many problems since the surgery!  We have to get the monkey up and running...their birthday party is on Saturday and it will be a big bummer if he has to still be in pain :(  Please say a prayer that this little kink in the road remains minor and we can put it all behind us!  We are blessed, every second of every single day, that we have happy boys, thriving in all areas of life, and most of all, are healthy and strong.  The man above has big plans for these boys.........!!

A I will leave you with the little man saying hi to his Daddy while waiting in the ER.  I could just eat him up.